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Director’s Message
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Wang Xudong (Director)

Dr. Wang Xudong (Mr.), born in 1967 and graduated from Lanzhou University, is a Research Fellow of the Dunhuang Academy. He is currently the director of the Dunhuang Academy, secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Dunhuang Academy, director of the National Research Center for Conservation of Ancient Wall-paintings and Earthen sites, director of the Key Scientific Research Base for Ancient Wall Paintings Conservation of SACH of China, adjunct professor and tutor of PhD students in both Lanzhou University and Northwest University. He is selected among the first-level leading talents of Gansu Province. Dr. Wang is also the president of the Commission on Preservation of Ancient Sites of International Society of Rock Mechanics, chairman of the Commission on the Conservation of Ancient Sites of Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, deputy president of Chinese Society for Culture Relics Protection, and chairman of the Commission on the Conservation of Caves and Earthen Sites of China Association for Preservation Technology of Cultural Relics.

Dr. Wang has been mainly engaged in the conservation of caves, ancient wall paintings and earthen sites, as well as the research of the monitoring, early warning and preventive conservation of cultural heritage. Since 1991 when Dr. Wang began the conservation of cultural relics, he has presided more than 30 projects of investigation and surveying of or site construction engineering at nationally protected key cultural relics sites, undertaken more than 20 national or provincial projects, and presided over or joined in 4 international cooperation projects. He has published more than 80 papers, co-published 7 works, won 15 national or provincial awards, obtained more than 10 technical patents, and presided over the edition of 5 National and Industry Technology Standards.